Principles in Practice

Remote Management and Security

  • Title: To Stay and Deliver: Good practice for humanitarians in complex security environments
    Author and Date: J. Egeland, A. Harmer and A. Stoddard commissioned by OCHA (2011)
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  • Title: Good Practice Review 8: Operational Security Management in Violent Environments (Revised Edition)
    Author and Date: Humanitarian Policy Group (2011)
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  • Title: Engaging Private Security Providers: A guideline for Non-governmental Organisations
    Author and Date: M. Glaser – European Interagency Security Forum (2011)
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  • Title: The Protection of Aid Workers: Principled Protection and Humanitarian Security in Darfur
    Author and Date: K.Eckroth - NUPI (2010)
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  • Title: Once Removed: Lessons and Challenges in Remote Management of Humanitarian Operations for Insecure Areas
    Author and Date: A. Stoddard, A. Harmer, A. and S. Renouf – Humanitarian Outcomes (2010)
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  • Title: Remote Programming Modalities in Somalia - a discussion paper
    Author and Date: Oxfam International, Merlin (2009)
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  • Title: Designing Security: Methods for Improving Security Management Practices and Security Coordination among Humanitarian Organizations
    Author and Date: V. Bolletino - Harvard University (2006)
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  • Title: How We Look: Hostile Perceptions of Humanitarian Action
    Author and Date: _ H.Slim and the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (2004)_
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